Unleash your creative genius in a learning journey designed for the modern creator. Explore storytelling, community building and social media marketing and learn to build a strong brand that evokes fandom and attracts sales!
Includes 3 months of offline Internship/Incubation
Bangalore Campus
Training on Industry tools
Class 12+
Emerging Creators
Elevate your content game and turn your passion into a paycheck. Learn to build an audience, monetize your creativity, and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.
New Age Marketers
Master in-demand marketing skills and become indispensable in the digital age. Gain expertise in social media, data-driven content, and the art of building online communities.
Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Master in-demand marketing skills and become indispensable in the digital age. Gain expertise in social media, data-driven content, and the art of building online communities.


Learning Pathway
Step into the realm of Creator Marketer, with 3 EPIC modules crafted to transform your creative spark into a robust marketing prowess, each offering a deep dive into the skills needed to dominate the organic marketing landscape.
Dive deeper into the art of storytelling, discovering how to create compelling narratives that keep your audience coming back for more, and building a strong personal brand as a content creator.
Learn to create, manage, and monetise digital communities and build curated audiences. Identify a valuable niche and build a relevant brand across platforms on social media.
In this Epic, you'll master the art of social media marketing, leveraging frameworks to create creative content and compelling strategies to captivate your audience and drive results in the ever-evolving digital landscape organically.
the lit
learning methodology
Unlock your potential with LIT's Learning Methodology: a transformative journey blending real-world experience, creative innovation, and personalised growth paths to redefine success in learning.

Portfolio Building

Build your portfolio automatically on our proprietary platform and get ready to show off your skills to potential recruiters.

Contextual Mentorship

Don't just get lectured! Get contextual advice and learn from Industry practitioners an experts on how to solve the problem at hand!

Hands on Application

Roll up your sleeves, put your knowledge into practice, and present your ideas with confidence.

Feedback and Rating

Gain direct, one on one actionable feedback from expert judges

Portfolio Building

Build your portfolio automatically on our proprietary platform and get ready to show off your skills to potential recruiters.

Challenge Introduction

You will be given a live client brief at the onset of every class


Learn from seasoned experts who bring real-world insights and proven strategies to guide your journey to success
Arihant Jain
Co Founder & CEO @ WLDD Integrated Meme Marketing Company
Vivekanand Kilari
Co Founder & Cheif Content Officer @ WLDD Integrated Meme Marketing Company
Ayush Wadhwa
Founder, OWLED | BITS Pilani | Helping Brands With Content - Videos, Social Media, AR & Influencer Marketing | Angel Investor
Akshat Bahety
Senior Project Manager, Adecco Group
Nitish Mathur
Founder & CEO @ 3CANS | Account-Based & Growth Marketing | Best Selling Author
Lalith Dhanush
Keynote Speaker | TEDx | Josh Talk | Author | Helping Individuals master communication and public speaking skills
Kabir Maini
Co-founder at XARC: A Storytelling Company
Anish Nandalike
Web3 Community Strategist | Crypto Educator | Community Growth Strategist
Chandan Perla
Growth & Community Manager at Bluelearn
Abhishek Prabhu
Creative Director at WLDD
Integrated Meme Marketing Company
Rohit Agarwala
Founder @ Barely Opinionated (150K+ followers) | Content Strategist | Social Media Marketer
Meenank Meenu
Marketing Manager @ Hey Digital
Kailash Kumar
Senior Content Manager, Spense
Gayatri Agarwal
Founder at ALTRD, Award-Winning Innovator in AI-Driven City Planning tool (Barcelona)
Jivraj Singh
General Partner @ISV Capital - Curating Top 1% Operator Led Capital || Ex-AngelList India
Nitesh Mohanty
Educator, Curator, Creative Director, Visual Artist, Photographer, Poet & Storyteller
Reshi Magdha
Founder Rob Media, Finance Creator
Vyom Bhatia
Founder Marty Martin, Cofounder tal64
Farhan Rajani
CEO & Product Development @ Bartergram
Swaraj Murthy
Graphic Designer at Owled Media | Illustrator
Nabh Gupta
Founder, At The Moment | ex: Amazon Prime Video, IMDb, Viacom18, Bookmyshow | Impact 40 Under 40
Anurag Bansal
Founder's Office @ Zerodha | LinkedIn Top Voice
Nikhil P Rathod
Script Writer, Storyteller. Owled Media
Chirag P
Founder at Matar Media

LIT School revolutionised my idea of college. Real marketing challenges, presenting to industry titans.. it's intense, but so-rewarding. Forget textbooks, LIT's practical approach is where the magic happens!
Alumni LIT'23
               Switching from law to LIT was pivotal. LIT's hands-on learning beats theory. Crafting campaigns with pros feels fresh. It's a transformative journey fuelled by LIT's energy.
Sansrite Tiwari
Alumni LIT'23

After 12th, I was lost. Then I found my passion: Content creation. LIT changed everything. From content to teamwork, pitching to 20+ brands, LIT's learning surpassed college. Unforgettable journey.
Samriddhi Shah
Alumni LIT'23

LIT transformed me, offering hands-on insights intomodern marketing and agency operations. Surpassing traditional academics, it left a lasting imprint on my development.
Robinson Johnson
Alumni LIT'23

Before LIT, I worked as a Marketing Freelancer, craving mentorship. Joining LIT was a game changer, a journey filled with growth and guidance. Mentors played pivotal roles, empowering me to step up. Now, I'm equipped with skills and confidence to start my own agency!
Aarchi Modi
Alumni LIT'23
Adobe Firefly
AI Tools
Chat GPT
Facebook Creator Studio
Google Trends
Shield Analytics
Social Pilot
Sprout Social
Stream Yard
Streamlab Obs
Applying AIDA & ACID in social media campaign
Mobile content creation
Boosting content visibility
Photo and video editing techniques
Content categorisation and organisation
Capitalising on real-time trends
Content distribution strategies
Psychology of user engagement
Content planning and scheduling
Storytelling techniques for SMM
Crafting persuasive content
Strategic content creation
Engaging live audience
Targeting specific audience segments
Gamification strategies for social media
Algorithm optimisation for social media
Live streaming best practices
Time management for social media marketing


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What are the courses that LIT offers?
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How does LIT accommodate outstation students?
Does LIT offer scholarships?
What is the enrolment process?
Tuition and Financial Aid
Does LIT offer online courses?
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